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Client Spotlight: Foundation Resolutions LLC

Client Spotlight: Foundation Resolutions LLC

As landlords and investors it’s inevitable that we’ll run into some major repairs along the way. But what we may not plan on is losing time and money on vacancies because of unscrupulous contractors and repairmen.

Red Team has been in the business long enough to recognize quality workmanship when we see it. If you have any foundation and/or water problems, Foundation Resolutions, LLC is the team for you. Integrity in this industry is hard to come by – Foundation Resolutions is a great option!

Founder of Red Team Property Management and Educational Entrepreneur, Michael Mayes is impassioned about raising the bar of greatness by cultivating your understanding in all areas of property and real estate. 

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For more information on our client spotlight, contact: 

Edwin Sumlin

Foundation Resolutions 

(817) 645-0000